Power Wedge Mechanical Pre-Stressing

The Power Wedge Mechanical Pre-Stressing Device applies active roof loads from prop-type supports. Power Wedge converts torque into upward roof force generating pre-stressing loads up to 10 tons. Torque is applied with a 1 1/8" (29 mm) socket via hand wrench, air or hydraulic tool. The unit enables pre-stressing without the need for water, grout or pumps.
Power Wedge Mechanical Pre-Stressing with Roof Supports
Yieldable Support

Operation of Power Wedge creates yieldability within the unit, making it useable with yielding or non-yielding props. The unit is designed for use with 8 1/2" (215 mm) and 10" (250 mm) diameter props. Power Wedge can also be used in place of temporary steel supports in headgates, beltways, tailgates and intersections.

Power Wedge Mechanical Pre-Stressing Installation
Dependable Performance

The Power Wedge provides consistent, high-quality performance.

  • Converts torque into upward force on roof
  • Generates active loads of up to 10 tons (9 tonnes)
  • Force applied on roof is up to 250 times that of force on wrench