Tunneling Chambers

Refuge chambers constructed specifically for tunneling applications. Tunneling chambers can be mounted directly onto Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM’s), onto rails or placed within the tunnel while operations are active
Tunneling Chamber on TBM
Tunneling Chamber on TBM

Identical to the standard Strata Refuge Chambers in operation, tunneling chambers can be attached to the facility’s main air compressor and electrical power sources for indefinite supplies of breathable air and power. The air supply passes through a specialised filtration system that performs a complete cleansing before entering the main chamber. Electrical power operates the chamber lights, siren, carbon dioxide scrubber, atmospheric monitoring system and optional cooling system.

For emergency back-up, and for stand-alone operation, Strata Tunneling Chambers are equipped with a standard 48 hour battery and air supply. These systems are scalable to customer specifications.

Backup Air Supply

The Strata ActiveAir™ carbon dioxide scrubber utilizes spill-proof soda lime cartridges to remove CO2 and compressed oxygen cylinders replenish oxygen levels. Flow-rate meters on each cylinder control oxygen flow rates. Strata ActiveAir is equipped with two Trolex Sentro 1 gas detectors that continuously monitor O2 and CO2 levels inside the chamber. The detectors will sound alarms when gas levels rise or fall outside of a safe range. The scrubber is also equipped with a timer that is set according to the number of occupants in the chamber and will sound an alarm when it is time to exchange the soda lime cartridges

Tunneling Chamber Interior
Tunneling Chamber Interior
  • Robust Construction - Engineered and constructed to each TBM or tunneling operation specifications. Tunneling chambers are narrower and shorter than standard chambers and have optional curved walls to suit the diameter of the roadway bore being produced.
  • Quality Air Supply System - High quality air filtration system purifies air supply. Backup air supply provides at least 48 hours of breathable air.
  • CO2 Scrubber System - Active CO2 Scrubber removes carbon dioxide using soda lime chemicals.
  • CO Removal - Battery powered catalytic CO Converter.
  • Air Conditioning - Optional Direct Current air conditioner and dehumidifier.
  • Air-Tight Rugged Design – Built to withstand harsh environments and provide immediate breathable air upon entry.
  • Airlock Entry - Sectioned off area to minimise the entrance of air contaminants into the main chamber. Optional purge air system can be used to flush the air in the airlock prior to occupants' entrance into the main chamber
  • 12-Volt Lighting - Internal 12V LED lighting system.
  • Drinking Water & Food - Includes food & drinking water in storage compartments under the seats. Food and water has a 6-year shelf life.
  • Easy Handling - Built-in fork lift guides, lifting facility and skid base assist with moving & relocating the refuge chamber.
  • Lavatory - Chemical toilet and supplies in a private compartment.
  • Cushioned Seating & Storage Areas - Cushioned seating for all occupants & storage areas for additional supplies/equipment.
  • Fire Extinguisher - 9kg/ 20lb. fire extinguisher
  • Escape Hatch - Built-in emergency escape hatch.
  • External Location Lights – 12 volt external LED location lights & warning siren
  • Operating Instructions – An easy to follow operating manual and instruction decals are provided


Atmospheric Monitoring

Continuously monitor the chamber’s internal atmospheric conditions.

  • Simultaneous Gas Monitoring: (O2, CO2, CO, H2S)
  • Battery Voltage Indicator
  • Battery Temperature indicator
  • Temperature inside & outside the chamber
  • Door “OPEN” Sensor (optional)
  • Remotely Turn Emergency Chamber Lights on during emergency
  • Remotely Turn Emergency Siren on during emergency


IP Fiber Camera

Remotely monitor the inside of refuge chamber in real time. Data transmitted via operations fibre network and relayed to the surface.