BASF Arctic Gel

Arctic Gel is a super-absorbent polymer ideal for removing unwanted water. Applied in powder form, Arctic Gel absorbs the water and turns to a lightweight, transparent gel that is easily removed.
BASF Arctic Gel for water removal
BASF Arctic Gel in water
BASF Arctic Gel turns water into gel
Absorbant gel for removing unwanted water
  • Can be used on any area above or below ground
  • Ideal for longwall moves, bunkers, transfer points, belt lines
  • Quick water absorption and transformation into gel
  • Manually or mechanically removed
  • Safe to deposit on belt line to discard
  • Non-toxic & environmentally safe
  • Ratio 300 to 1
  • 1lb powder absorbs approximately 36 gallons (300lbs) of clean water
  • Available in 50lb bags
  • No expiration if stored in dry location