CO2 Scrubber System

Strata carbon dioxide scrubbers, are active, stand-alone systems designed to remove CO2 and maintain safe breathable air in enclosed areas. They are electrical or air powered.
Powerless carbon-dioxide scrubber
Strata Emergency Refuge Chamber Interior
Interior of chamber with Strata ActiveAir™
Active Carbon Dioxide Removal

Strata scrubbers have built-in fan systems that actively draw air into the scrubber through soda lime cartridges positioned on a top rack of the scrubber. Strata SodaSorb™ soda lime absorbs the CO2, removing it from the air. Over time, the soda lime exhausts and the cartridges need replacing. A change-out schedule, based on the number of occupants, is provided on the wall of the chamber. Strata scrubbers maintain CO2 concentrations below 10,000 ppm (1%).

·       Fans:

  • 2 x 24 volt fans
  • RoHS Compliant
  • 24 volt input
  • 5.0 watt power rating

·       Single scrubber suitable for 0-30 persons

·       Multiple scrubbers required for more than 30 persons


SodaSorb™ Cartridges

Strata SodaSorb™ Cartridges are specifically designed to eliminate spillage and airborne dust particles. They are easy to store and easy to handle with compact packaging that prevents “channeling” of the chemicals.

·       Weight: 37lb (17kg) per cartridge

·       Dimensions: 16” x 12” x 6.5”

gas detection in refuge chamber
Strata ActiveAir with Trolex sensors
Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers

Strata ActiveAirScrubber


Electric scrubbers are powered by the mine’s main power lines. If power is lost or unavailable, the scrubber operates on the battery back-up system of the refuge alternative. Standard battery life is 48 hours but can be scaled up to 96 hours.


Low pressure oxygen cylinders equipped with individual flow-rate valves regulate the release of oxygen into the environment. These are set according to the number of occupants. They provide up to 5.5 LPM distribution per oxygen cylinder

Atmospheric Monitoring

Strata now offers integrated gas monitoring sensors on scrubbers. Through the partnership with UK-based Trolex, Strata has incorporated the Trolex Sentro 1 gas monitor into the scrubber body to continuously monitor CO2 and O2 levels. If gas levels rise or fall to dangerous levels, the sensors emit audible and visual alarms to alert the occupants.

Sensors eliminate the risk of:

  • Dead batteries in gas detector
  • Uncalibrated gas detector
  •  Infrequent monitoring resulting in a delayed knowledge of gas levels rising and falling to dangerous levels


As an addition to the provided SodaSorb™ change-out schedules, Strata has incorporated a built-in timer that is set according to the number of occupants to alert them of necessary cartridge change-outs


Scrubber Power Station

Strata has developed a stand-alone scrubber power station to power the scrubber, or extend the life of the scrubber in areas where main power is unavailable



air powered carbon dioxide scrubber
Flow Meter on Air-Powered Scrubber
Strata Air-Powered Scrubber

Compressed Air

Airflow from high-pressure, compressed-air cylinders drives the built-in fan system to operate the scrubber. Standard supplies operate the scrubber for 96 hours but can be scaled up and down.


Compressed oxygen cylinders are used to replenish oxygen levels. A flow rate meter controls the flow of oxygen and is set according to the number of occupants. It is imperative to maintain oxygen levels between 19 and 22.5%.

Download Air-Powered Brochure

Strata Chambers meet the MSHA Breathable Air, Harmful Gas Removal and Air Monitoring Component requirements as specified in CFR 30 Part 7