Global Leader in Mine Safety Innovation

Strata Worldwide, established in 1992, has spent decades becoming the leading global provider of many products, services and technologies that are vital to bringing the highest level of safety to mining across the globe. From our global headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, we have built upon our product portfolio that now includes the best in engineered secondary roof supports, coal mining ventilation control, emergency refuge chambers, underground communications and remote monitoring networks and proximity detection systems.

Strata’s mission is unwavering: to provide products and services that keep working environments both safe and productive. Our core values of listening to customers, tailoring solutions for their specific needs and providing unmatched service and support across the business process are the keystones of our organization and will always be guaranteed.

We’ve also built an unprecedented network of qualified distributors and partner companies that share our commitment and can offer global expertise at the local level.

Today’s Strata Worldwide is underground and surface, coal and metal/nonmetal, from the smallest new project to the oldest large mine sites in the prime of their operational lives. We have worked hard to establish, build and grow a diverse customer base with relationships focused on trust by providing proven and reliable products, high quality service and tireless customer support.

Executive Team


Mike Berube

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mike Berube joined Strata Worldwide in early 2010. He brought with him over 20 years of experience in business management, sales, and product development. Before joining Strata, Mike served as Director of Global Data Solutions for Argon ST, now Boeing. While at Argon ST, he led a business unit that successfully won and completed several DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) programs focused on wireless communications, wireless networking, and satellite communications.  In addition, Mike leveraged technology developed for the U.S. Government and transitioned it to industrial applications such as the Mining, Oil and Gas.

With this business management and technical experience, Mike has played a key role in developing the novel Electronic Safety Products Strata now offers. As President and CEO, Mike directs upper management in core business strategies and oversees the corporate road-map for future expansions.  


David Jenks

Chief Financial Officer

Dave Jenks joined Strata in January 2013, bringing with him extensive mining industry operation and financial experience. Prior to joining Strata he served for 16 years at Joy Global as a Corporate Controller and Manager of Commercial Accounting , Global Product Director, Regional Sales and Operations Manager.

In his position at Strata, Jenks is responsible for the overall financial management of the company, its timely financial reporting and transparency, and multiple corporate duties including controllership, treasury, and economic strategy and forecasting


Tom Michaud

Chief Technology Officer

With years of experience in the aerospace industry, along with extensive software and hardware development skills, Tom Michaud brings a unique range of expertise to Strata Worldwide.  Prior to joining Strata in 2010, Tom served in leadership positions such as VP of Engineering for Stellar Satellite Communication, co-founder and VP of Product Development at Skymate, and Director of System Engineering at ORBCOMM.  He also headed up the development of flight software for ATK Space Systems. Tom holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in electrical engineering and an MBA. As CTO, Tom is responsible for overseeing all strategic and operational aspects of Strata Worldwide’s electronic offerings.


Ian Cillie

General Manager of Strata South Africa

Ian joined Strata in March 2017 as General Manager of the company’s South African operations. Ian brings over 20 years of Southern Africa mining industry experience to his position. Over the years, serving as the sales and marketing director for Joy Global South Africa and managing director for SKF Southern Africa, Ian accrued extensive knowledge and valuable experience in managing business operations and product distribution into both coal and non-coal markets. Ian’s GM focus is to enhance and streamline Strata’s product development, sales and distribution. 

Tony Lobb

General Manager of Strata Australia

Tony, a 43-year mining industry veteran, joined Strata in April 2013 as General Manager of the company’s Australian operations. Over his time in the industry, Tony has owned and managed three supply businesses, each providing high-quality safety solutions to the Australian mining market. With his extensive industry knowledge and business expertise, Tony has successfully led his team in expanding the company’s reach into multiple countries and multiple industries.

Legal & Marketing

Stephen Moss

General Counsel

Paula Gunnels

Director of Marketing & Events