mining void fill
Water Control, Rock Consolidation & Void Fill

Water Control, Rock Consolidation & Void Fill


Roof falls, pillar deterioration, cavities, water inflow and other problematic situations often result in major production delays. Strata excels in problem solving, and we have the products, equipment and expertise to work with mine personnel to overcome difficulties and deliver reliable and lasting results. Strata’s qualified mining professionals are available to evaluate your mining conditions and recommend the best solution.


Strata’s uniquely formulated injection products provide unlimited applications in: 

  • Water Control - Sealing, diverting, stopping
  • Cavity and Void Filling
  • Fragmented rock consolidation
  • Ground consolidation and stabilization
  • Rock Cracks and Faults Repair/Sealing
  • Structural Support


Water Control
  • Strata AFS™ - Single component, hydrophobic polyurethane foam


Strata AFS reacts with water to initiate a foaming reaction. This foam expands to fill cracks and voids and generate compressive strength. AFS foam is impermeable, providing an effective barrier to seal or divert water.

Organosol 550 is completely unaffected by water and will cure after injection to form a solid impermeable structure that will seal against and divert water flow. 

Rock Consolidation & Ground Stabilization
  • Strata AFS™ - Single component, hydrophobic polyurethane foam
  • Rockstab - Two-component, high strength polyurethane foam
  • Organosol 550 DT - Two-component, non-expansive urea silicate resin


When injected into the cracks and joints of rock and strata layers, these injectable products generate compressive strength and strong adhesion to rock and rock fragments to solidify the strata and fortify the underground structure. This procedure significantly reduces the risk of roof and rib fall.

The Rockstab grouts have very high compressive strength when cured making them ideal for structural and load bearing applications. 

Rockstab and Organosol 550 are ideal for ground and roof bolt anchoring applications.



Organosol 550 DT
Cavity and Void fill


Strata AFS’ rapid and expansive foaming properties makes it ideal for filling large voids and cavities, particularly those experienced at the working face. AFS generates compressive strength in confinement and effectively consolidates loose strata

The Rockstab series of grouts have a very high compressive strength when cured making them ideal for structural void fill

Organosol 660 is a fast-acting foaming grout designed specifically for large void fill. Organosol 660 FR is fire resistant to Class M1 according to NF P92-501