CSE G4 Multi-Gas Monitor

The CSE G4 is an Intrinsically Safe (IS), handheld, multi-gas, gas monitor for use in underground working environments. The compact and rugged unit monitors up to four (4) gases simultaneously and displays concentrations on a large LCD display screen. MSHA approved for coal mines.
CSE G4 Gas monitor
Robust, Personal Gas Detector

Loud audible alarms, flashing LEDs, and haptic feedback (vibration) alert the user to low and high gas levels. With an extended 25 hour run time, the G4 promotes longer, more efficient productivity.

Calibration is simple and accurate, and there is the additional availability of an automatic G4 Calibration Station. 


  • Large 2.25" LCD display screen with green LED backlight ensures visibility in any environment
  • Simple operation with a straightforward interface and intuitive navigation
  • Industry-leading 25-hour run time allows multiple-shift use
  • Minimal maintenance required - Only routine sensor replacements


Sensor Replacement

Simple sensor replacement includes the removal of a single screw to open the sensor bay, and the individual sensors are plug-and-play.




Configurations 1-4 SENSORS
   - Oxygen (02)
   - Combustible (CH4)
   - Toxic 1*

 - Toxic 2*


Anti-static and shock absorbing over-mold

Ingress Protection

Tested to IP-65



Battery Run-Time

Up to 25 hours

Battery Charge Time

<6 hours

Sensor Life

24 months minimum

Alarms  - Visual - Dual LED
   - Audible

- Vibrating

Size: HxWxD

6.3 x 3.1 x 1.9 inches (without belt clip)


16.2 oz (with belt clip)


MSHA Approval # 22-A110001-0

Country of Manufacture USA


*Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Nitric Oxide (NO), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)



CSE's calibration gases are approved for all of the CSE gas detection products and can also be used with a wide array of other devices.  Whether it's methane for the 140B or 102/102LD, tri-gas for the G4, or any other the other mixes offered, you can trust that our calibration gases will keep your devices reading accurately and reliably.