CSE SRLD - 60 minute SCSR

A revolutionary emergency breathing apparatus that reacts once the user begins breathing and automatically adjusts oxygen flow to match the breathing rate. Commonly known as a Self-Contained-Self-Rescuer or SCSR, the CSE SRLD is the smallest and lightest, one-hour, belt-worn option available today.
One hour belt-worn SCSR
The SRLD is not a traditional oxygen tank - it utilizes technology to chemically generate oxygen while also removing carbon dioxide from exhaled air. It is designed to be carried on the person every day, or can be stored away for up to 10 years without requiring maintenance. The unique chemical formulation, as opposed to high-pressure cylinders, does not require mandatory factory refurbishment or hydrostatic testing every five years. 
The SRLD can be used in applications such as, mining, tunneling, industrial plants, underground utilities, government buildings, and even panic rooms. 
  • Self-contained source of oxygen for emergency use
  • Rated at 60 minutes - far exceeding the standard 10-minute duration of most belt-worn EEBDs
  • Includes QuickStart Technology to provide oxygen generation faster when the user needs it the most
  • Roughly half the weight and nearly 4-times more oxygen as compared to other EEBDs
  • Designed for the most rugged applications and industries
  • 10-year service life in storage (5-year if carried daily)
  • No hydrostatic testing or factory servicing 
  • Every device includes easy-to-follow user instructions and a suite of training resources

CSE's heavy-duty SCSR pouches are designed specifically for its suite of available escape breathing apparatus.  They allow for easy inspection and are guaranteed not to shrink when exposed to moisture.  Bright orange color and reflective strips add additional visibility.

Optional pouches for the SDLR enable users to select vertical or horizontal positioning. 

Operating Performance Ve Volume 10L/min: 3.5 hours
  VO2  1.0 L/min: 75 minutes

VO2 1.35 L/min: 60 minutes

Breathing Bag Volume

> 3 liters

Breathing Resistance VO2 1.0 L/min at deployment: 70mm H2O

VO2 1.0 L/min at 60 minutes: 150mm H2O

Service Life Carried: 5 years

Stored: 10 years

Size - HxWxD

8.5 x 6 x 4.25 inches (216 x 152.4 x 108mm)

Weight  Carried:5 lbs 14 oz (2.65 kg)

Deployed: 5 lbs 1 oz (2.29 kg)


NIOSH/MSHA Approval: TC-13F-0645

Country of Manufacture USA