/HazardAVERT Perimeter Guard

Perimeter Guard proximity detection uses a cable to generate linear electromagnetic fields and create invisible fencing around restricted areas and work zones, or safety barriers along berms and around equipment.

Perimeter Guard

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    State-of the art, patented technology. Perimeter zoning and electromagnetic safety barriers created using a cable. Installed in many different applications in all types of environments

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    Customized to fit in your application, environment and operation. Effective on track-less mobile equipment and moving/hydraulic components of equipment

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    Level 9

    Warning alarms and automatic intervention capabilities for autonomous slowing and emergency stopping. Slowing and stopping of equipment or moving/hydraulic components of equipment.

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    All Inclusive

    Equipment to people and machinery to machinery


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    Permanent or temporary restricted areas underground or at the surface. Designed to keep machinery out of protected area

    Can be used to create designated work area and prevent vehicles from exiting

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    Conveyor Belts
    Conveyor Bridges

    Installed along the length of the conveyor to ensure personnel stay at a safe distance while belt is operating. Eliminates unsafe practices

    Belt can be programmed to stop

    System also works to prevent collisions from nearby mobile machinery

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    Haulage Systems

    Installed along the length of the system to ensure operator remains in a safe working position away from moving components and wheels

    Entire system can be programmed to stop

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    Safety Berms

    Placed along the berm to provide early audible and visual warning as machinery approached the edge

    Machinery can be programmed to stop before entering an unsafe position

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    Feeder Breakers
    and Crushers

    Looped around equipment to prevent workers from getting too close, and prevents unsafe practices that can result in injury

    Chains, belts and crushers can be programmed to stop automatically

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    Diamond Drill Rigs

    Installed on drill rig boom and mast extension to ensure workers remain at a safe operating distance from moving and rotating hydraulic components

    Drill rig movement and hydraulics can be programmed to shut down automatically

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    Scraper Winch

    Installed in a loop through the gully to detect personnel before the winch operator activates the system

    If a person wearing a PAD is detected in the gully, the system will alert the operator and the winch will not initiate


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