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Strata’s industrial-grade private LTE provides exceptional coverage, security and high-speed connectivity. LTE has proven to be the best wireless technology for enterprises which require mobility, security, ubiquitous coverage, and high capacity for a wide range of devices including IoT sensors, phones, laptops and cameras.

Why Private LTE

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    & Capacity

    It is vital in industrial environments that interconnected devices, machines and people can transfer data quickly, reliably and securely throughout the work site. LTE is the strongest wireless solution for the wide range of connected devices of today.

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    & Control

    Private LTE allows the customer to fully control and monitor both the user access and data activity on the network. LTE authentication utilizes SIM cards and end-to-end encryption ensuring only authorized users have access and the data remains secure.

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    LTE was designed for active and mobile environments, and provides continuous, reliable and seamless coverage even when traveling. Highly reliable and seamless networks are a core requirement to support teleremote and autonomous vehicles.

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    LTE networks are robust helping operations to move optimally and avoid costly downtime due to loss of communications and data connectivity. Overall awareness of terminal areas ensures the safety and continued monitoring of goods. Workers can operate mobile phones, tablet, cameras or laptops with lag-free connectivity.

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    & Adaptability

    LTE keeps pace with changing demand and digital transformations. As LTE evolves from 5G to 6G and beyond, the Strata Private LTE infrastructure will continue to evolve while always allowing key features to be tailored to the needs of individual organizations.

Key Benefits

  • Cellular network dedicated to private organizations

    Fully customized for organizations needs

    Combines both voice and data into one scalable network

    Control user access and data encryption throughout organization

    The best technology for mobile devices and applications

    High speed connectivity for cloud applications

    Wide range of commercially available Smart Phones, IoT sensors and devices

    Leverage of the 3GPP roadmaps


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