/StrataSorb Super Absorbent Polymer

StrataSorb™ has a unique ability to absorb water and organic fluids and convert them to a light-weight solid. This makes waste fluids easier to handle and remove. StrataSorb is non-toxic and non-hazardous making it suitable for any industry needing to remove liquid waste.


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    What is is?

    StrataSorb is a super absorbent polymer designed for removing nuisance water and organic fluids. It is a powder-like material that absorbs liquid and converts to a light-weight solid.

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    Turning fluid into a solid makes it much easier to handle. Can be manually or mechanically removed.

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    StrataSorb is non-toxic and non-hazardous. It can be safely incineration with no PCB or dioxin formation. Safe for deposit onto conveyors and into landfills.

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    Mixing ratio 300 to 1 – 1lb powder absorbs approximately 36 gallons (300lbs) of clean water.

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