/SafeSITE HazardAI for Maritime

Family of AI-Vision sensors connected to a central application platform. HazardAI systems drive sustainable safety improvements through increased awareness and changes in worker behavior.

  • - Artificial Intelligence technology for advanced accident prevention
  • - Mobile and Fixed AI Safety sensors
  • - Detects, alerts and notifies based on user-defined criteria
  • - Transmits from sensor to monitor to back-end software platform
  • - User friendly back-end system for reporting, tracking, monitoring incidents and driving behavioral improvements
  • - No wearables or equipment-mounted receivers required

Why HazardAI

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    Combines behavioral change management with technology-based fail-safes

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    Cost Savings

    Prevent Injuries and equipment damage caused by collisions, reducing downtime

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    Creates a quantifiable and systematic platform for driving safety performance

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    Leverages evidence based best practice and safety learnings from global community


    • MobileAI Equipment Mounted
    • Machine-Vision sensors with edge computing mounted on machinery

    • Detect and differentiate between people, vehicles and objects in close proximity

    • Stereoscopic 3D vision to measure distance and zone ​configuration

    • Advanced algorithms to analyze the potential for collision

    • Display screen (in-cab) provides camera visuals and distance measurements to objects in close vicinity

    • Customizable detection zones

    • Audible and visual real-time warnings (in-cabin and outside)

    • HazardAI MobileAI is ISO21815 compliant for full interlocking to slow and/or stop machines automatically

    • Video recording

    • Automated event logging and data recording on mySafeSITE software platform


    • FixedAI, Infrastructure Mounted
    • Vision sensors with edge computing mounted on fixed plant infrastructure

    • Creates custom size and shape exclusion zones and monitors people entering exclusion zones

    • Real-time, on-site warning sirens for violations and email notification activation

    • AI learns objectives, behaviors and incidents, and improves the accuracy of alerts

    • Automated event logging and data recording on mySafeSITE™ software platform


    • Pedestrian Exclusion Zone – prevent workers entering exclusion zone due to various hazard

    • Blind-spot Protection – Prevent pedestrians walking into a dangerous position based on vehicle movement

    • Digital Gate – Virtual barrier between safe and unsafe areas

mySafeSITE Platform

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    Site managers track and analyze incident data. Features support improved, sustainable safety outcomes

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    Critical metrics and site status updates to assist in behavior monitoring, reporting and safety training

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    Remotely maintained and future feature upgrades through subscription service

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    Helps to classify alerts

    Scheduled and manual alarm suppression as needed

    Mobile Administration Platform


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