Travel-way Repair and Stabilization for Mining

The Strata "Stabilizer" series of products were developed to provide a fast, low cost and highly durable method for building and repairing mine entries and roadways. The proprietary binder technology is extremely absorbent and can draw moisture from muddy application areas.

Road Stabilizers are advanced road construction and repair systems which use a patent-pending binder technology. They require minimal to no mixing, and absorb moisture quickly to begin strengthening.

RS-590 is formulated to be used in conjunction with clean, course rock, 2–3 inches in size and at approximately 50% by volume. 

RS-595 is a blend of coarse limestone aggregate with the binder technology which forms excellent structural strength and longevity. It requires no mixing.




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WR-595 is a dry, ready to use mix of a proprietary binder technology and aggregate supplied in 60lb (27kg) bags.  This system rapidly absorbs water from muddy areas and builds stable, serviceable walkways for compliant access.  WR-595 is intended for use where equipment access is limited.


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Soil Stabilizer RS-590

RS-590 Soil Stabilizer is a patent-pending, cementitious binder that is used to prevent and repair slips in pipelines. It is used to condition drill pads, access roadways, and lay-down yards for improved stability and durability before, during, and after inclement weather.


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