/Mine Refuge Shelters

Mine refuge chambers and shelters are complete safety systems built for the critical purpose of providing an isolated, breathable-air atmosphere for workers when the air quality in the working section has become compromised. They are intended for use when self-escape is not possible and workers need to wait for mine rescue teams.

Strata ERCX

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    Build Your Own
    Refuge Chamber

    Global design with standard features

    Extensive list of elective options

    Efficient operation and low-cost ownership

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    for Comfort

    Individual padded seats

    Air conditioning with dehumidifying

    LED lighting

    Food & water

    Private lavatory

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    Breathing Air

    Refuge chambers in underground mines connect to an external air source with purification filter

    Scalable self-contained air supply with carbon dioxide scrubbing

    Real-time gas monitoring and alerts (CO, CO2, O2)

    Automatic oxygen regulation system (controls O2 flow rates)

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    Emergency refuge chambers have standard built-in connectors for communication systems

    Voice and video

    Remote atmospheric monitoring and gas detection

    Monitoring in stand-by mode to ensure operational readiness

    Connection to primary underground networks

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    Refuge chamber structure divided into segments and assembled underground

    Optimizes transport and handling

    Overcomes shaft and mine entry restrictions

    Mine chambers have identical quality and function to standard ERCX


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Fresh Air Bay

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    & Air Powered

    Mine refuge chamber operates entirely on compressed air

    Deploys rapidly much like a life-raft from a portable steel container

    Chamber is filled with clean breathable air at deployment

    Air powered carbon dioxide scrubber and oxygen cylinders maintain breathable air

    Completely stand-alone powerless safety unit

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    Mobile &
    Low Profile

    Explosion resistant steel container on skid base - max height 4ft

    Contains inflatable mine chamber, compressed air, oxygen, carbon dioxide scrubber and all supplies

    Wheels, tow-hitch & hardening package available

    Occupants have full access to equipment and supplies inside skid while in the inflatable mine chamber

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    Breathing Air

    Up to 96 hours of stand-alone breathing air

    Isolated, clean atmosphere upon entry

    Oxygen bottles and CO2 scrubber

    Gas detection to regulate levels


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Safe Rooms

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    Build Your Own
    Refuge Room

    Mine refuge rooms are custom sized, designed and equipped

    Countless structural and equipment options

    Breathing air and air cooling systems included

    Strata systems are modular to provide greater flexibility in layout and design

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    Safe rooms are connected to an external air source with purification filter

    Scalable self-contained air supply with CO2 scrubbing

    Underground refuge rooms have optional borehole to the surface for fresh air

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    Safe Room
    Modular Systems

    Carbon dioxide scrubber and supplies - battery or air powered

    Stand-alone oxygen bottles with regulators

    Air conditioning with dehumidifying – external power source or battery

    Stackable auxiliary battery packs

    Storage cabinets for accessories and commodities


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