/Strata brings Australia-based Brain Industries pneumatic pumps to North America

Strata Worldwide announces an exclusive distribution agreement with Australia’s Brain Industries for its line of air-operated pumps. This is Brain’s first U.S. distribution agreement, which will make Brain’s line of pneumatic pumps available to the mining, tunneling and maritime markets of North America.

“Brain is delighted to partner with a world best company like Strata Worldwide where there is a close relationship to bring these intrinsically safe pumps to USA mining, tunnelling and maritime markets,” said Gillian Summers, Managing Director of Brain Industries.

Brain’s pumps are specifically designed to handle any flowable substance, including heavily solid-laden muds, slurries and sludges normally considered impossible to pump. The Airloader 300 can pass solids up to 80mm/3.15in. in lump size, and the compact Mudskipper pump can handle solids up to 60mm/2.4in. in size. The pumps generate a high-velocity suction airflow combined with a powerful vacuum, and there are no moving parts in contact with the material.

The pumps come in a range of sizes for various applications, each is intrinsically safe (IS) and can feature a gravity discharge or pressure discharge option.

Unlike conventional electrically powered vacuum pumps, Brain’s compressed-air operated pumps will not require permissibility checks. There are very few mechanical parts, which reduces the potential need for repairs and resulting downtime.

“These unique pumps will go a long way toward making mining and tunneling environments cleaner and safer,” states Josh Behling, general manager Strata Products USA. “Very often, wet mines don’t have the time and manpower to constantly remove water and sludge in the working areas, and workers just get used to the wet and sloppy conditions.

I spent 22 years in underground mining, and these pumps would have made our lives much easier back then. We are very happy to be able to offer them to our customers so they can experience the difference.”

Strata currently has the Airloader PD 4x4 (300) and the Mudskipper models stateside, and the first units will be heading to an underground coal mine in the Southeast U.S.

ABOUT BRAIN INDUSTRIES – Brain Industries is a privately-owned manufacturing business based in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. The company designs, manufactures, repairs, and certifies a diverse range of specialised industrial equipment which includes pneumatic vacuum pumps, conveyor pulleys, pulley lagging, conveyor dewatering systems, stone dusters, oil diffusing systems and polyurethane products. Brain also manufacturers Strata Worldwide’s emergency refuge chambers for the Australian and APAC markets.