/Strata Partners with Binni

Strata is excited to announce a new global partnership agreement with tunneling software developer Binni.

Under the terms of this partnership, Strata will bring Binni’s cloud-based software platform for tunnel contractors to the global tunneling market under the brand name TunnelLINK™.

TunnelLINK is a fully integrated platform for construction teams to collaborate throughout a tunneling project. It is designed to simplify reporting of TBM operations while combining and visualizing relevant sensor and instrumentation data for informed, real-time analysis. As a productivity tool, it can manage data from multiple sources and bring it together into customizable dashboards. These web-based, mobile application dashboards can be accessed anywhere on any computer or smart device.

“Binni has always been contractor-focused, and the versatility of TunnelLINK to adapt to the contractor’s specific needs on a project-by-project basis is integral to the value proposition for the customer,” state Wes Morrison and Alejandro Gomez, co-founders of Binni. “We chose to partner with Strata to grow the usage of this valuable technology and, at the same time, remain plugged in to the industry’s needs.”

“Strata can offer excellent exposure to the global market and can service contractors with a variety of networking technologies. We feel that TunnelLINK is a great fit within their StrataConnect business line, which includes infrastructures for data transmission, voice communications, tracking and IoT,” Morrison explains.

“This technology is an innovative tool that will help Strata’s existing and prospective customers,” states Mike Rispin, VP Tunneling, Strata Worldwide. “We are proud to partner with Binni and to add TunnelLINK to our selection of offerings. This software platform adds significant value to what we are offering the industry.”

TunnelLINK is available now and can be quickly and easily implemented in existing or upcoming projects. The team at Binni will continue to be actively involved in platform fulfillment and evolution, supporting both Strata and the tunnel contractors throughout the tunneling projects.

About Binni:

Based out of Washington DC, the founders of Binni combined their 30+ years of industry and construction experience to develop an innovative technology to help improve the way tunnel construction projects operate. Binni understands what is needed to simplify field reporting of TBM production and advances and provide real-time insights into tunneling operations. By digitizing the reporting process and providing a single user interface platform, construction teams can collaborate more easily, increase productivity, and reduce errors.

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