Inflatable Fresh Air Bay (FAB)

The Portable Inflatable Fresh Air Bay is a completely powerless, inflatable refuge chamber that deploys rapidly to provide 96 hours of breathable air to miners trapped underground.
An underground Portable Fresh Air Bay Chamber
Fully Inflatable

The Inflatable Fresh Air Bay is folded and stored in an explosion resistant steel container called the Strata Fresh Air Bay Skid. In an emergency, miners locate the Skid and activate air flow using the master control valves. A hinged door on the end of the Skid is opened and the folded Fresh Air Bay is manually rolled out. Inflation is initiated by pulling on an activation cable inside the tent access door. Compressed air flows into air-tight structural beams and fills the chamber with breathable air.

Inflated Portable Fresh Air Bay Chamber
MSHA Approved XP Air Conditioning

The Strata XP-AC battery-powered air conditioner is designed to provide at least 96 hours of air cooling and dehumidifying for individuals occupying a refuge alternative following a mine emergency. The air conditioner prevents potentially lethal heat and humidity build-up in the enclosed area, and creates a comfortable, survivable environment.

The Strata XP-AC can be used with both mobile chambers and built-in-place permanent Safe Rooms.

30 CFR Part 18 and Part 7 approval by the US Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).

MSHA Approved XP Air Conditioning
Strata XP AC

Strata has engineered robust wheel and hitch packages and additional hardening for the Fresh AIr Bay Skid that can be added during construction or retrofitted later. The wheel and hitch package assists in maneuvering the units into and around the mines, significantly reducing wear and tear. The removable steel hitch plate may be attached to either end of the Skid which facilitates the pulling or pushing of the unit.

The additional hardening options strengthen the structure of the Skid, adding protection in the harsh and highly mobile coal mining environment.

Hardening package for the Fresh Air Bay Skid

Strata Worldwide Instructional Manuals are provided to customer for educational purposes. These manuals are designed to help ensure greater knowledge and understanding in product purpose, operation and maintenance.

Man in training with Strata