/SafeSITE HazardAI

Family of Machine Vision AI sensors connected to a central application platform.

HazardAI systems are designed to modify unsafe worker behaviors and keep personnel out of harm’s way.

Machine Mounted Artificial Intelligence Sensors

Machine Vision sensors with Edge Computing mounted on machinery

Detect and differentiate between people, vehicles, objects and obstacles in close proximity

No pedestrian wearable required

Stereoscopic 3D vision to measure distance and zone ​configuration

Advanced algorithms to analyze the potential for collision

Audible and visual real-time warnings (in-cabin and outside)

Level 9 compliant, machine control for automatic crawl and stop

HazardAI MobileAI is ISO21815 compliant for full level 9 implementation

Video recording: SSD 128GB (Model 300)

Automated event logging and data recording on mySafeSITE software platform

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