strata 3D structured concrete insulated panels (scip)
Strata 3D Spray Panels - SCIP

Strata 3D Spray Panels - SCIP

For Construction and Mining

The Strata 3D Spray Panel - commonly referred to as a Structural Concrete Insulated Panel or "SCIP" - is suitable for countless applications in construction and mining. 

Strata 3D Spray Panels are two layers of galvanized steel-mesh on either side of an expanded polystyrene core. The panels are designed and welded for rigid strength and flexibility and can be easily cut to size and fastened together for a variety of applications. Sprayed with a concrete coating, the final structures are strong, air-tight and fire resistant. The polystyrene core maximizes insulation for construction use and flexion to absorb overpressure in mining.


SCIP panels for construction
Residential Construction
Strata 3D Concrete Panels in Construction

The Strata 3D panels can be used for construction of residential, commercial, and industrial structures. Construction with the 3D panels is uniquely different from traditional methods and offers numerous benefits. This “formless” technique is easy to learn and does not require teams of highly skilled laborers.

The panels are lightweight and can be sized, handled, and positioned by hand. They are joined or clipped together with mesh at the seams and corners to form architectural structures that are then coated with structural concrete and multiple finishing techniques.

  • Strata 3D Spray Panels are lightweight and strong
  • They require minimal bracing to hold in place
  • Secured to the foundation with rebar dowels
  • They can be cut and shaped using off-the-shelf tools
  • They allow for quick installation of utility wiring and piping
  • They eliminate the need for additional insulation products

Construction with SCID panels

Strata 3D Concrete Panels in Mining

Ventilation is one of mining’s most essential components and an effective, long-term method of ventilation construction is imperative to mine safety and efficiency.
Strata 3D Spray Panels provide a fast, low cost and highly versatile method of building ventilation structures that will last and will maintain their airtight integrity.
3D panels are lightweight and easy to handle, significantly reducing the labor time, crew members and overall materials handling involved in construction.



  • Overcasts
  • Bulkheads and stoppings
    • Ventilation control
    • Entry seal
    • Portal seal
    • Water and/or slurry containment wall
  • High pressure ventilation seals in coal mines
  • Protective walls at the shaft
  • Underground utility and emergency safe rooms


strata 3D concrete panels for mining construction
Bulkheads for water and slurry containment
  • Lightweight and uniform simplifies use and handling
  • Quick installation for extensive variety of applications
  • Cut to size with off-the-shelf-tools
  • Final concrete-sprayed structure is completely airtight, fire resistant and blast resistant
    • Proven to withstand up to 15psi of overpressure
    • Withstands pressure differentials of 9-inch water gauge


guniting 3D panel stopping
Ventilation stopping built with Strata 3D panels
Flexible options

3D Panels can be used with or without polystyrene core, and are available with a variety of liners

  • 2- or 4-inch polystyrene core
  • Rubber liner attached to one face without polystyrene core
  • Burlap liner attached to one face without polystyrene core


Strata 3D panel with rubber liner

Standard Sizes (feet):

  • 4 x 8
  • 4 x 10
  • 4 x 20
  • 4 x 24
  • 4 x 30

*Custom sizes available and 3D panels are easy to field-cut with simple hand tools