Strata Segmented Refuge Chambers

Strata Segmented Chambers (SERC) are complete safety systems identical in quality and functionality to standard emergency refuge chambers, but divided into equal segments for assembly underground. This unique design was developed to optimize transportation and handling and overcome entry shaft and/or handling restrictions on-site.
Strata Segmented Emergency Refuge Chamber
Chamber air filtration system
Air filtration system

Segmented chambers are assembled underground and attach to the mine’s main compressor air lines and electrical power sources (if applicable). With this set-up the chambers provide an indefinite supply of refuge capabilities. The mine air passes through a specialized filtration system that performs a complete cleansing of the air before being released into the main chamber. This flow of air creates a positive pressure atmosphere and specialized relief valves maintain a safe internal pressure for the occupants. Power operates the internal and external LED lighting, location siren, carbon dioxide scrubber, optional atmospheric monitoring and air cooling systems.

Chambers are also equipped with a standard 12-96 hours of battery back-up and air supplies.  A bank of fully automatic 12/24-volt batteries at the rear of the chamber provide backup power and on-board oxygen cylinders along with the Strata ActiveAir™ carbon dioxide scrubber provide backup breathable air.

Strata ActiveAir™  utilizes spill-proof soda lime cartridges to remove CO2 and compressed oxygen cylinders to replenish oxygen levels. Flow- meters on each cylinder control oxygen flow rates. Strata ActiveAir is equipped with two Strata/Trolex Sentro 1 gas detectors to continuously monitor O2 and CO2 levels inside the chamber and alarm when gas levels rise or fall beyond safe ranges.

A timer on the scrubber, set according to the number of occupants, will sound an alarm when it is time to exchange the soda lime cartridges.

Strata segmented chamber back up supplies
Strata SERC back-up supplies
  • Robust Construction – Engineered, constructed and tested to customer specifications. Segments bolted together on location to create a secure, air-tight seal.
  • Quality Air Supply System - High quality air filtration system purifies mine air entering the chamber. Backup air supply provides 12-96 hours of breathable air.
  • CO2 Scrubber System - Active CO2 Scrubber removes carbon dioxide using cartridged soda lime chemicals.
  • Atmospheric monitoring – Continuous atmospheric monitoring with Strata/Trolex Sentro 1 and Sentro 8 stations
  • Carbon Monoxide Removal - Battery powered catalytic CO Converter.
  • Air Conditioning - Optional Direct Current air conditioner with dehumidifier
  • Standard & Custom Sizes – Standard segment sizes: 4ft x 7ft x 7ft (1.2m x 2.1m x 2.1m) Also available in custom sizes and multiple segments
  • Air-Tight Rugged Design - Withstands harsh environments and provides immediate breathable air upon entry.
  • AIRLOCK Entry - Sectioned off area to minimize the entrance of air contaminants into the main chamber. Optional purge air can be used to flush the air in the airlock prior to occupants' entrance into the main chamber
  • 12 or 24-Volt Lighting - Internal and External 12/24V LED lighting and emergency siren system
  • Emergency Drinking Water & Food – 6 year shelf life food & drinking water in storage compartments under the seats.
  • Easy Handling – Individual segments optimize transport and handling. Each segment includes built-in fork lift guides, lifting lugs and a skid base.  Chamber can also be moved fully assembled. Wheel and tow hitch packages also available.
  • Lavatory-Chemical toilet and supplies in a private compartment.
  • Cushioned Seating & Storage Areas - Cushioned seating for all occupants & storage areas for additional supplies/equipment.
  • Fire Extinguisher - 20 lb/9 kg fire extinguisher recessed outside at main entrance
  • Escape Hatch - Built-in emergency hatch for secondary escape



The dimensions of the individual segments, as well as the assembled chamber can be customized according to specific application requirements. 

Strata Segmented Emergency Refuge Chamber with wheels
SERC with wheels

Wheel and tow-hitch packages can be added to assist with moving and relocating assembled chambers within the mine. The wheels are solid, highly resistant rubber (non-air filled).