Strata is a provider of technologies that create, enhance and sustain underground connectivity for communication, monitoring, automation and worker safety.

  • 001

    Voice Communication
    & High-Speed Data

    StrataConnect tailored networks for reliable and secure voice communication and high-speed data transmission in tunneling operations.

  • 002

    & Tracking

    StrataConnect combines high speed wireless data network technologies and state-of-the-art tracking technologies in one affordable package.

  • 003

    TunnelLINK Productivity Software

    A cloud-based software platform that streamlines how information from tunneling operations is captured, aggregated, and applied. Using mobile applications, TunnelLINK simplifies the field reporting of TBM production and advances.

  • 004

    Machine Digitalization

    Connected machine Intelligent Machine Controllers, Interfaces and Data Loggers for real-time insights into the maintenance, safety, and productivity performance of operating machinery.

  • 005

    Atmospheric Monitoring & Automation

    Wireless option for real-time monitoring of underground environments along with flexible capabilities in control and command of remote devices. Offering the only wireless and battery powered gas detection system on the market.