Spray Panel Overcasts

Spray Panel Overcasts (SP Overcasts) are constructed using lightweight, prefabricated 3D panels - a design that offers significant benefits and cost savings in materials-handling and labor. Complete overcasts are installed in as little as three shifts.
Strata Mining Overcast made with 3-D panels

SP Overcasts are constructed using lightweight, PMR 3-D panels that are secured together and coated with high-strength gunite. The panels are installed side-by-side across the mine entry and fastened together. A deck of panels are placed across the top, spanning the full distance between the entry ribs. This deck serves as the roof for one airway and the floor for the intersecting airway.

All panels are fully coated with a high-strength gunite that is sprayed beyond the edges onto the sidewalls and the ceiling to ensure an airtight seal.

Strata Mine Services offers turnkey installation of ventilation seals and overcasts to control mine ventilation and maintain safe working environments.

Strata mining overcast
Strata Spray Panel Overcast with PMR Panels
Benefits of Spray Panel Overcasts
  • Fewer and lighter weight materials handling
  • Impervious to air with no pressure drops or changes
  • Withstands a pressure differential of 9-inch watergauge
  • Faster and easier installation, completely installed in 3 shifts
  • Fully coated with robust, 4500 psi gunite
  • Minimal follow-up maintenance


Strata mining overcast being installed
Strata Spray Panel Overcast Installation