Strata is a global leading provider of network technologies that create, enhance and sustain underground connectivity for data transmission, automation, project management and communication.

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    & IoT

    Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) coaxial cable network for underground communication and high-speed connectivity. Extend fiber networks and carry power to the edges of your mine.

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    Digitized Leaky Feeder

    Enhance the performance of your existing VHF leaky feeder network and upgrade functionality to include high-speed Ethernet capabilities.

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    Completely wireless and battery-powered mesh network for communications, tracking and real-time awareness of underground operations and working conditions. Use stand-alone or extend coverage to reach beyond existing networks.

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    Private LTE

    Strata is a preferred provider of industrial-grade private LTE. This reliable network option provides exceptional coverage, security and high-speed connectivity for private facilities and operations.

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    Atmospheric Monitoring

    Wireless option for real-time monitoring of underground environments along with flexible capabilities in control and command of remote devices. Offering the only wireless and battery powered gas detection system on the market.

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    Ventilation Automation

    Automate the operation of underground ventilation systems to conserve power consumption and significantly reduce energy costs.

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    Conveyor Health Monitoring

    Aura IQ revolutionizes conveyor health monitoring by continually monitoring, measuring and detecting roller health using a single fiber optic cable retrofitted to the length of a conveyor