Organosol 550 DT™

Organosol 550 DT™ is a fast reacting, non-expanding injection resin, designed specifically for stabilizing and consolidating loose, fractured and delaminated strata in mining environments.
Organosol 550 DT rock consolidation resin
  • Organosol 550 DT is a two-component urea-silicate injection glue
  • Insensitive to water in the reaction. Does not absorb, shrink, expand or foam
  • Designed for consolidating fractured rock, soil and gravel in surface and underground mining environments
  • Utilized in mine roof, ribs, shafts, seals, underground roadways, coal faces and longwalls
  • Can be used to seal against and control water underground
  • Ideal for anchoring self-drilling anchors and cable heads
Roof bolt anchoring