Gun Set Prop

The Penny Gun Set Prop offers a consistent yield characteristic up to 40 tonne loading and is designed for applications where a higher support density is required.
Gun Set Prop
  • The use of the gun set mechanism allows the prop to operate in the 600 to 2500mm setting range.
  • “ Nicklex” plated inner tube provides a high level of corrosion.
  • High setting and yield loads up to 40 tonnes.
  • For use in sections ranging from 1.0m to 2.5m.
  • A suitable source of hydraulic pressure and appropriate hydraulic hose system is required.
  • Extremely durable.

Each prop can be supplied with a range of extensions, friction tops, channel tops, prong tops and other spares to enable deployment in any mining and roof support application.

  • Filler gun.
  • Release handle.
  • Extended heads up to 900mm.
  • Extended bases up to 300mm.

Top Type

Channel Top Prong Top Friction Top