StrataConnect™ DigitalBRIDGE™

StrataConnect™ DigitalBRIDGE™

StrataConnect™ DigitalBRIDGE™ is a simple, yet innovative network solution to digitize your mine for the deployment of Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) devices such as Wi-Fi, cellular, video cameras. These networks can be incorporated into existing infrastructures or can stand on their own.


DigitalBRIDGE™ utilises industrial grade coaxial cable to carry power and high-speed Ethernet data. It can be seamlessly integrated with existing fiber optic networks to extend or replace the fiber. 


Coaxial cable is simple to install and maintain and is fully recoverable. Network management can be completed by on-site personnel, without the need for specialized technicians. Utilizing off-the-shelf tools and standard procedures, personnel can cut and splice the coax cable to install or remove PoE end-point devices anywhere along the network.



It is an easy-to-install solution for overcoming many of the constraints of typical underground communication networks:

  • Difficulty of LAST MILE power and connectivity
  • Limited availability of power stations
  • Inflexible configuration options
  • Long distances between end-point devices (as a result of typical fiber cable lengths)
  • Complicated and high-tech cabling that requires skilled technicians
  • Systems that are expensive to expand, maintain and repair
  • Extensive pre-configuration and pre-planning of underground communications networks 

StrataConnect DigitalBRIDGE™ is a point-to-multipoint Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) digital network for underground high-speed data and communication. It carries both power and data over a single coaxial cable to any location where digital devices are desired. DigitalBRIDGE™ delivers data speeds and capabilities comparable to fiber and can be used for a wide variety of applications such as, Voice-over-IP (VoIP) communications, Wi-Fi access, video, cameras, telemetry, tracking, tele-remoting and more.



Power and Connectivity where
you need it, when you need it.



DigitalBRIDGE Quadport for connection of Ethernet devices
  • Voice-over-IP
  • Wi-Fi access
    • Accomplish fast access to information, manuals, schematics on location
    • Send questions and/or photos for immediate technical support 
    • Access company network to send and receive data
    • Email, text, voice
  • Environmental monitoring and remote control (pumps, fans, sensors)
  • Gas detection
  • Video surveillance
  • Backhaul from ore drive to surface
  • Tele-remote operation
  • Fleet management
  • Refuge station connectivity
  • Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) Support
  • Damaged fiber replacement


Tele-remote system for underground equipment