StrataConnect Conveyor Health Monitoring for Mining

StrataConnect Conveyor Health Monitoring for Mining


Aura IQ uses fiber optic cable and revolutionary photonic sensing technology, integrated with advanced signal processing algorithms and predictive analytics, to monitor and proactively track the health of the rollers along mining conveyor belts to ensure that they are in stable condition and not at risk of failure.

The system predicts which components on the conveyor will need repair before they break down, allowing operations to be proactive in its repair schedule.

It is a low cost, reliable solution that does not require power at the point of measurement, making it safe for use in underground coal mines.



Aura IQ monitors, diagnoses, tracks and reports on the progressive state of wear of conveyor rollers. The data is gathered from every roller linestand on the conveyor and is processed into real time reports on the entire belt. The system alerts operators in operational hubs or control rooms to potential failures before they happen.

The Aura IQ Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) Network solution provides a means to wirelessly connect one or more Aura IQ Controllers to a central cloud reporting and analytics platform. This enables alerts and reports from conveyor assets - located anywhere in the world - to be accessible on any Internet enabled device in near real-time, with no specialist software or equipment.

Monitoring and alerts can be viewed by either on or offsite personnel.

  • Active Status
  • Daily Reports
  • Detailed Heatmaps
  • Individual Linestand Analysis