CSE 102/102LD Methanometer

The 102/102LD is the go-to portable methane detector for underground coal mining. The device is used to spot-check methane concentrations as needed, particularly at the face. The 102LD (large display) and telescoping extension probes enable the reading of levels from a distance, without having to walk up to the face.
102 and 102LD methane monitors

These intrinsically safe devices are built with solid-state components and sealed within an all stainless-steel case for lasting protection. They provide high-level accuracy in a very low response time of less than 7 seconds. The 102 measures methane concentrations from 0 - 5%.


methan spot checking
Measurement range

0 to 5% Methane

Response time

< 7 seconds


< 1 minute


100% solid-state circuitry


Rechargeable nickel-cadmium

Size: H x W x D

4.5 x 2.75 x 1.75 inches (115 x 70 x 35mm)


12.5 oz (354 grams)


MSHA Approval: 8C-37-7

Country of Manufacture USA


accessories - Cradles and Extension probes

The 102/102LD methanometers have available cradles to enable temporary magnetic mounting to fixed objects such as heavy machinery or attachment to the extension probes.

  • Exclusive extension probes for the 102 and 102LD detectors
  • Allows for safer and quicker methane reading
  • Telescoping feature allows for easy handling
  • Lightweight and durable construction


5 Ft. Probe - 1 lb  Closed 2 ft 3 in
10 Ft. Probe - 1.5 lbs  Closed 3 ft 2 in
15 Ft. Probe - 2 lbs  Closed 4 ft 7 in
20 Ft. Probe - 3.5 lbs  Closed 5 ft 10 in
25 Ft. Probe - 6 lbs  Closed 7 ft 0 in



CSE's calibration gases are approved for all of the CSE gas detection products and can also be used with a wide array of other devices.  Whether it's methane for the 140B or 102/102LD, tri-gas for the G4, or any other the other mixes offered, you can trust that our calibration gases will keep your devices reading accurately and reliably.