CSE 140B Methane Monitor

The CSE 140B is a highly rugged, machine-mounted gas detector and alarm. It can be mounted onto mining machinery such as continuous miners, roof bolters, longwall shearers, or any other machinery that may come into contact with methane pockets. The large, easy-to-read display shows methane concentrations during operations.
Industry's best performing methane monitor

By shutting down machinery at customizable alarm settings, and restoring machine power once methane concentrations fall below the allowable setpoint, the CSE 140B provides the highest level of safety and reduces downtime.


The 140B Detector contains a highly accurate and responsive catalytic bead sensor capable of measuring methane concentrations from 0 - 5%.  It connects directly to the 140B Control Unit and a baffle cap is available to prevent dust and water ingress. An infrared remote calibrator is available to make calibration quick and easy.

Control Unit

The 140B Control Unit communicates with the Detector to display methane concentrations. It sends appropriate relay signals to alarm when methane concentrations are rising and to automatically shut down the machine when the allowable methane concentration threshold is reached.

Measurement Range

0 to 5% Methane

Alarm Settings Standard
   - Low Alarm: 1.0%
   - High Alarm: 2.0%
   - Low Alarm: 1.0% max

 - High Alarm: 2.0% max

Input Power Options 120 volts
  240 volts
  480 volts

550 volts

Control Relay Options Electromechanical


Certifications MSHA (140B):32A-15/MS

MSHA (X/P): X/P-3797-0

Country of Manufacture USA



CSE's calibration gases are approved for all of the CSE gas detection products and can also be used with a wide array of other devices.  Whether it's methane for the 140B or 102/102LD, tri-gas for the G4, or any other the other mixes offered, you can trust that our calibration gases will keep your devices reading accurately and reliably.