CSE BioPak 240R Rebreather by Biomarine

An advanced 4-hour Self-Contained-Breathing-Apparatus (SCBA) for emergency rescue operations. The BioPak 240R provides high volume, low resistance breathing for increased comfort and less stress.
Four-hour Rebreather Designed for Comfort

When Rescue Teams face the unique challenges of emergency situations, they need hours of protection and breathable air. The BioPak 240R is rated at 4 hours of breathable air, with cooling. The rebreather removes the carbon dioxide from exhaled air and recycles any unused oxygen. Fresh oxygen from a small cylinder is added to the breathing air to replenish the amount metabolized by the user.


Quick-changing cooling system enables the refreezable cooling canisters to be exchanged while unit is worn. This helps to significantly reduce return-to-service time.

Carbon Dioxide Scrubbing

The BioPak 240R’s Solid Core Scrubbers® feature CO2 absorbent packaged in disposable cartridges. These cartridges enable faster deployment of the chemicals and prevent channeling, airborne dust and settling during transport. Furthermore, users do not have direct contact with the chemicals.

Monitoring During Use

Audible and visual alarms notify user of low oxygen levels, low battery-power and scheduled cooling canister change out.



Main Unit

  • Stainless steel, fiber-reinforced housing - Robust but light-weight
  • Hardened breathing chamber
  • Manual quick disconnect to prevent oxygen loss if gauge line is damaged
  • Electronic alarm when O2 supply reaches 25% of service life
  • Flame-rated harness
  • Solid Core Scrubber® CO2 absorbent


  • AV3500 advanced facepiece
  • Voicemitter for increased communication clarity
  • 5-point quad adjustment harness
  • Magnetic facepiece lens wiper promotes internal and external surface wiping with a single pass
  • Life-time anti-fog laminate film
  • Optional drink port

4 hours (240 minutes) Certified

Tidal Volume

6 liters

Oxygen Cylinder 3000psig (440L @ 207 Bar)

Carbon Composite Construction

Oxygen Delivery Constant Add: 1.8 1pm average
  Demand Add: 80 1pm minimum

Emergency Add: 80 1pm minimum

Size: HxWxD 23.0 x 17.3 x 7.0 inches (584 x 439 x 178mm)
Weight 33 lbs (15 kg)
Country of Manufacture USA