/Proximity Detection & Collision Avoidance

Detection technologies that add safety smarts to existing equipment, enabling it to see potential dangers and react autonomously to protect your people.

Proximity detection works to prevent accidents and collisions that involve mobile machinery, including cranes, carriers, forklifts and vehicles.

Worker Safety

In any environment where people and mobile machinery work in close proximity, there exists a risk for accidents.

Industrial-grade proximity detection and collision avoidance systems are smart safety technologies specifically designed to address and mitigate these risks and create a safer working environment.

Proximity Detection
& Collision Avoidance

The technology can be installed onto any type of mobile equipment operating in the container terminal - Rubber Tired Gantry Cranes (RTG’s), straddle carriers, forklifts, utility vehicles and trucks. It generates electromagnetic fields around the equipment creating an invisible warning zone to keep people and other equipment at safe distances.

Workers wear an armband receiver known as a personal alarm device (PAD), and if they breach these fields, or step into the equipment’s travel path, the PAD will emit warning alarms and the system will slow or stop the equipment automatically.


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Why HazardAvert

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    Over a decade of proven results. The technology has been active in industrial operations for over 12 years

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    Strata's proximity detection system is globally available. With offices and manufacturing facilities in multiple countries, Strata provides global expertise and local support.

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    The system intervenes independently of an operator to automatically slow and stop equipment in order to prevent an accident.

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    Works seamlessly on any size, type, make and model of mobile machinery.

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    Equipment-to-Person and Equipment-to-Equipment detection and warning. Functions on any number of machines and people in the same working area.

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    Customized, reliable and repeatable fields.

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    & Reporting

    Active monitoring and reporting. All activities and events are logged and custom safety reports can be generated


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