/Wireless Atmospheric Monitoring

Wireless option for real-time monitoring of underground environments along with flexible capabilities in control and command of remote devices. Offering the only wireless and battery powered gas detection system on the market.

Wireless Monitoring

  • 001


    Gas detection and alert

    Ventilation monitoring

    Programmable set-points

    Remote command/control

  • 002


    Single unit for multiple uses

    Up to 64 gas choices

    Simple e-module exchange for gas monitoring options and calibration

  • 003

    Wireless &
    Battery Powered

    Quick addition to existing wireless communications network

    Battery-powered - long-life batteries

    Permanent or temporary installation

    Fully operational after power loss

    Intrinsically Safe

    Ideal for remote monitoring and control

  • 004

    Central Control

    Real-time streaming to remote central control

    User interface for remote monitoring of all sensors

    Audible alarms

    Manage sensor health

    Manage battery life

    Monitor operating status

    Record calibration dates


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