/Atmospheric Monitoring for Coal Prep Plants

For early fire detection, this wireless carbon monoxide monitoring system is designed for coal preparation plants. Battery-powered gas detectors are installed throughout the facility, particularly alone belt lines, and continuously monitor CO levels. CO detection triggers alarms.

Wireless Monitoring for Prep Plants

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    Early fire detection

    Harmful gas detection

    Up to 64 different gas options

    Programmable set-points

    Remote command/control of sensors

    Fully operational after power loss

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    Wireless &
    Battery Powered

    Network nodes and gas detectors completely wireless and battery-powered

    Permanent or temporary installation

    Intrinsically Safe

    Real-time data streaming to central control station

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    Single unit for multiple uses

    Fast addition or removal of sensors

    Mesh network for complete coverage and redundancy

    Simple e-module exchange for gas options and calibration

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    Central Control

    Real-time streaming to remote central control

    User interface for remote monitoring of all sensors

    Audible alarms

    Manage sensor health

    Manage battery life

    Monitor operating status

    Record calibration dates


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