/DigitalBRIDGE Communications & IoT

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) coaxial cable network for underground mining communication and high-speed connectivity. Extend fiber networks and carry power to the edges of your mine.


Tailor-made for extending fiber communication networks in underground mines & simplifying "last mile" high-speed data connectivity

When to choose DigitalBRIDGE™ for your underground mine

Extend existing mine fiber into the active working section or down multiple entries and drifts

Establish high-speed connectivity in areas with limited power

Establish Video, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth@, IoT connectivity, gas detection at any point in the mine

Install a new underground mine communication system


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    Things (IoT)

    IoT networking for digitizing your mining operations with high-speed and automatic data transmission

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    Wi-Fi Access
    & Voice-over-IP

    Underground hot-spots for high speed Wi-Fi access. Incorporate Strata's Bluetooth® & Wi-Fi access point, or another third-party device, and use any standard 802.11 Wi-Fi enabled device for private calling, texting, tracking, data transfer, downloading and more

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    Connect any third-party PoE+ IP camera and enable live video feed for security, area monitoring, fleet management. Incorporate cameras into your emergency refuge chambers and safe rooms to achieve live video of occupants during an emergency

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    Data and readings collected by environmental monitoring sensors and PLC units can be transmitted to the mine surface control center for remote monitoring, command and control

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    Low latency and high-speed network solutions become available to support teleremote and autonomous vehicle operations

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    Zonal-based RFID personnel and equipment tracking. Bluetooth® tracking with Strata's Bluetooth® & Wi-Fi access point

DigitalBRIDGE in the "Last Mile" of the mine

Fiber damage and repairs in underground mining are costly and troublesome, but maintaining connectivity into your working section is vital. DigitalBRIDGE eases these challenges and reduces costs, without sacrificing bandwidth, speed and functionality.


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