/DigitalBRIDGE Plus+ VHF Leaky Feeder

Enhance the performance of your existing VHF leaky feeder network and upgrade functionality to include high-speed Ethernet capabilities.

digitalbridge plus+

Does your mine have VHF Leaky Feeder?

Use DigitalBRIDGE Plus+ to:

- Improve radio quality

- Upgrade to Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)

- Insert Ethernet for high-speed data and VoIP

Upgrade an existing leaky feeder system with the simple inclusion of DigitalBRIDGE Plus+™ bi-directional line amplifiers, or build from scratch the most advanced leaky feeder network on the market.


  • 001

    Wi-Fi Access
    & VoIP

    Underground hot-spots for high speed Wi-Fi access. Incorporate Strata's Wi-Fi access point, or another third-party device, and use any standard 802.11 Wi-Fi enabled device for private calling, texting, data transfer, downloading and more

  • 002


    Existing Land Mobile Radio (LMR) push-to-talk voice communications upgraded to higher quality

  • 003

    Digital Mobile
    Radio (DMR)

    Upgrade to DMR, the future of radio communications in industrial operations. Eliminate the limitations and difficulties of frequency licensing and establish private channels for secure communication

  • 004


    Connect any third-party PoE+ IP camera and enable live video feed for security, area monitoring, fleet management. Incorporate cameras into your emergency refuge shelters and establish live video in an emergency

  • 005


    Data and readings collected by environmental monitoring sensors and PLC units can be transmitted to the surface control center for remote monitoring and control

  • 006


    Low latency and high speed network solutions available to support teleremote and autonomous vehicle operations


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DigitalBRIDGE Plus+


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