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Strata is dedicated to the safety, connectivity, and emergency preparedness of underground working environments.

Strata Tunneling

At the core of tunneling operations are people working underground who must remain safe during every working hour. For this reason, the products and technologies that Strata is built on belong in this underground space.

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Product Offerings

  • Strata

    Underground Connectivity

    Communications, Tracking, Automation, Remote Monitoring and Control. Strata is a provider of technologies that enhance and sustain underground connectivity to continually support worker safety and drive productivity.

  • Strata

    Safety Technologies

    Proximity Detection and Collision Avoidance. Emergency Refuge Chambers. Breathing Air Apparatus. Gas Detection. Strata offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and technologies that are developed to ensure the highest level of worker safety and emergency preparedness in the underground environment.

  • Strata

    Construction & Support

    StrataGeotech is centered around the physical strata of the working environment and includes construction, repair, support and problem solving of your excavations. With a variety of technologies and specialty chemicals, Strata is there to support your operations while continuing to promote safety and productivity.



TBM Mounted Emergency Refuge Chambers


Communications & Tracking


Gas Detection


Communications & Tracking


Emergency Refuge Chambers


Shotcrete, Waterproofing & Injection Grouting

(Chemical Resins & Microfine Cements)


Pre- and Post- Injection


HazardAvert Proximity Detection & Collision Avoidance


Turning data into Understanding.
And understanding into Action.

We think the most powerful engineering breakthroughs start with a simple question:

What if?

What if your refuge chamber was built into the TBM to be readily available at a moment’s notice?

What if wireless gas detectors can be mounted near the cutterhead to continuously stream gas readings for monitoring in real-time?

What if you had options for purchasing or leasing safety and communication equipment on a program designed to work with your specific financial needs?

Strata has asked and answered these questions.

Our value proposition:

Communication, ventilation, worker safety and emergency readiness are all vital components to underground tunnel construction. Strata is your single source for all. More than a product deliverer, Strata partners with you, sourcing your solutions or serving as an expert liaison to have your goals met.

Behind every product and cutting-edge system is a company with 30 years of experience and a team of skilled professionals ready to support your goals.