PMR Reinforced Concrete Seal

The PMR 120psi ventilation seal is a rebar-reinforced, high-strength seal that utilizes Precision Mine Repair’s patented 3-D “wire-mesh” panels. It is designed and MSHA approved to withstand dynamic loads up to 120psi.
Precision Mine Repair Ventilation Seal
  • Vertical and horizontal rebar secured into the mine roof and floor
  • PMR’s 3D “wire-mesh” panels with the polystyrene core removed
  • Formwork of customer preference – cribs or props along with vented or non-vented sheet metal backing
  • Dry-mix shotcrete/gunite encompasses the entire structure and creates an airtight seal
  • (>4,500psi strength)
  • Designed for entries up to 12 feet high and 40 feet wide with a seal thickness varying up to 48 inches
  • Thickness of the seal is determined by the dimensions of the proposed location