June 1, 2012
Saving Time, Money and Labor by Outsourcing with Strata

Since 1999, Strata Worldwide has been providing turnkey mining services to support coal mines in the United States through sub-entity, Strata Mine Services. Strata Mine Services has helped support coal mining operations by offering outsourced labor and optimized solutions to complete construction and installation projects. Working closely with mine operations, Strata ensures highly efficient processes that do not hinder or halt daily production.

Over the years, Strata Mine Services has expanded its construction offerings from primarily ventilation seals and concrete pumping, to a comprehensive portfolio of mining products and services. As a result, the company has increased its workforce, capabilities, and expertise to perform any type of surface and underground construction project in today’s mining environment. Strata’s goal is to maintain a productive working environment while increasing worker safety underground.

“We make every effort to provide customers with the most complete line of offerings under one roof,” said Jeff Hamrick, Vice President and General Manager of Strata Mine Services. “By providing reputable products and teams of highly-skilled mining professionals, Strata Mine Services provides convenient and cost-effective solutions for our customers.”

Available throughout the United States, Strata Mine Services can provide mines with a team of trained contractors to complete any routine or specialized construction projects, including general labor, longwall recovery, gunite application, product installations, rock dusting, fire and water control, mine recovery, and more. Product installations include ventilation seals, overcasts, belt-drives, roof supports, and most Strata Worldwide products.

Air-Tight Ventilation, High-Strength Consolidation,  & Foam Rock Dusting
Strata Mine Services offers two Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) approved 120-psi seals: the Strata Plug Seal and the recently approved 120-psi Reinforced StrataCrete Seal.

Consisting of two formwalls constructed at a set distance apart, the 120-psi Strata Plug Seals permanently seals off areas of the mine. The area between the form walls is filled with a specially blended concrete mix called StrataCrete which is pumped from remote locations underground or from the surface.

The 120-psi Reinforced StrataCrete Seal is a rebar lattice constructed across the entry and then filled and coated with either a high-strength gunite or a proprietary concrete mix pumped from the surface. This seal is designed to fit into areas with limited space, such as in front of existing seals.

Strata Sprayed Panel Overcasts are quickly constructed underground using lightweight, in-steel 3-D panels. A wall of panels is secured across the passageway and fastened together. A deck of panels is then placed across the top, spanning the full distance between the passageway sidewalls. The entire construction is then coated with gunite or StrataCrete to create a completely airtight seal. SP Overcasts require very little maintenance.

Through a partnership with BASF Chemical Company, Strata Mine Services also provides strata consolidation, using a two-component injection resin. Designed for rapid stabilization of fractured strata, Meyco MP 364 Flex penetrates cracks and provides structural strength and flexibility in wet or dry conditions. Meyco MP 364 Flex does not react with water and can be used to stabilize coal and rock by consolidating fractured strata in roadways, shafts, coal faces, and longwalls.

One of the newest Strata product offerings is Foam Rock Dusting, a safer, more effective form of rock dusting that does not halt underground operations. Foam Rock Dusting has safety, health, and productivity advantages over traditional rock dusting including a dust-free application, better visibility, better illumination, and a longer-lasting application.

For more information, please contact the office at 740-695-6880

Strata Worldwide will be at the MINExpo International in Las Vegas from September 24 – 26, 2012 showcasing the Strata Mine Services options, capabilities, and services.