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    Apr 21, 2024

    Blog: How AI-Driven Proximity Cameras Support Safety Policy

    New AI-driven proximity vision sensors, part of the HazardAI™ family of proximity technologies, create “exclusion zones” that deter pedestrians from entering unsafe areas by sounding a real-time auditory alarm and visual flasher when they break the threshold.

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    Sep 08, 2023

    Blog: Planning for the ‘Last Mile’ in Underground Connectivity

    The modern make-up of a mine and its reliance on transferring large amounts of data to multiple points, means that a robust and reliable network has become an integral part of any operation.While reliable mine-wide connectivity has become more difficult, perhaps the most difficult to plan for is what can be called “the last mile” of the working section.

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    Aug 07, 2023

    Blog: TBM Productivity Software Reduces Labor and Improves Safety and Efficiency

    StrataConnect’s TunnelLINK by Binni is the first software that is specifically designed to automate the process of aggregation, collation, and distribution of data from every aspect of the tunneling operations. It is made for the tunneling contractor by tunneling experts.