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    May 10, 2022

    New Australian Leadership for Strata Worldwide

    “Since 1997 Strata Australia has been providing innovative safety solutions to the Australian coal market and now we are poised to replicate that success and innovation across the broader hard rock and tunnel construction markets, both of which are growing significantly in recent years,” states Tony Napier.

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    Dec 15, 2021

    Blog: Mining Safety Equipment Shouldn’t Become Obsolete

    We live in an age of planned obsolescence. The more sophisticated the technology, it seems, the faster it becomes obsolete. That’s not how the mining industry thinks. And that’s not how Strata Worldwide works.

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    Jun 03, 2021

    Blog: Your Partner In Mine Safety Should Have A Global Reach

    Safety is the number one concern for any mining operation. If your company has operations in several locations around the globe, your safety concerns are even more complex. It’s crucial that you choose a safety partner with the experience and resources to support all your locations.