November 21, 2019

MC2 is an update to the industry-leading StrataConnect™ wireless system for underground communication, tracking, remote monitoring and control


Strata Worldwide is pleased to announce that the StrataConnect™ second-generation miner communicator (MC2) is now available for sale.

The MC2 communication and tracking device operates on the underground StrataConnect™ wireless mesh network, formally known as Strata CommTrac.

Designed specifically for the harsh environments in the mining and tunneling industries, the Strata MC2 provides two-way text communications, real-time personnel location tracking and both critical alerts and response functions for workers. Its comprehensive physical redesign and enhancements were geared towards simplifying usability and expanding device functionality.  

Modeled after today’s smartphones, the MC2 has a full, hard-button QWERTY keyboard, a large display screen with multiple character sizes, and an easy-to-navigate operating system.

Its features include one-on-one or group text messaging, the ability to access a full, automatically updating contact list and data storage for up to 500 messages. MC2 also provides critical alerts and response capabilities for workers in the event of an emergency.


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