June 20, 2014
Alarm-Only Proximity Detection System

Strata Worldwide is happy to announce the release of a new, simplified, alarm-only personnel safety detection system that is quick and easy to install and offers the same reliability and productivity benefits of Strata’s world-leading HazardAvert® system.

The new HazardAlarm™ is a single-generator system that creates a large electromagnetic field around the machine, but will only alarm when there is a potential collision between a miner and the machine. When a miner is in the electrometric field of the machine, but there is no potential for a collision, the HazardAlarm system will not alarm. HazardAlarm utilizes the same miner-worn Personal Alarm Device (PAD) as the HazardAvert system and will emit an audible and visual alarm when a miner is in a potential collision path with an oncoming piece of mobile machinery. If an alarm is triggered, both the miner and the vehicle operator have the opportunity to react.

The installation costs and labor time for HazardAlarm are comparable to that of a camera system, and installations can be completed either at the surface or underground.

”HazardAlarm is a perfectly tailored product to meet the West Virginia proximity rule,” Mike Berube, president and COO of Strata Worldwide, said. “Unlike cameras, HazardAlarm alerts both the operator and the miner in all situations, whether the miner is around a crosscut or behind a ventilation curtain. HazardAlarm alerts every individual involved and will work seamlessly with a continuous miner equipped with HazardAvert.”

Strata Worldwide’s detection systems are state-of-the art technologies currently at work in underground and surface mines around the world. The company brings more than six years of hands-on experience to the table, and has learned that the simpler the system can be, the safer, more stable and more effective it is for a site. 


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