July 9, 2019
Keeping Miners off the Collision Course
Mining Magazine's Ailbhe Goodbody looks at why collision-avoidance technology is so important in underground mines.
"Underground mines have constricted and congested areas where multiple active machines and multiple people work in close proximity to one another," says Mike Walling, GM of proximity detection - Americas at Strata Worldwide. "The environment can be relatively dark, machines come from around corners or move through ventilation curtains, and multiple machines can approach and pass people on foot."...
...However, Walling notes that while underground mines are more contained and constricted, this provides clearer focus areas for proximity-detection needs and more defined/identifiable risks.
He gives the example of a continuous miner operator with a continuous miner and shuttle car: "The risks and dangers are well defined and have been clearly identified over time. The proximity-detection technology that operates most effectively underground is electromagnetic, and this core technology is well tuned after many years of application; it is high-resolution and proven to be very accurate. It can be customised fairly easily on a case-by-case basis, and it has the capability to be interlocked into the controls of the equipment to provide autonomous braking to slow, stop and disable machinery automatically as needed."...