February 18, 2016

Excerpt from Bonding Bad Ground By Simon Walker, European Editor of E&MJ Magazine.

When faced with bad ground or water inflows, mine operators can turn to a wide range of injectable consolidation products. E&MJ asked some of the leading suppliers for details of their products and services.


Last August, Strata Products Worldwide introduced a new rock consolidation injection product for the U.S. mining market. Designed specifically to meet the demanding conditions in both underground and surface mining applications, Organosol 550 DT is a two-component, non-expanding injection resin for consolidating and stabilizing fractured coal, rock and gravels. Insensitive to water, it can also be used to stop or redirect water inflows.

According to Mike Fabio, engineering manager at the company, two recent applications illustrate how the system can be used. In the first, a longwall panel at a large western U.S. coal mine was out of action with the shields tipping down because of the loss of a hard rock band in the floor. Strata was brought in to stabilize the situation, which involved drilling holes into the weak floor.

Some 175 lb (80 kg) were injected into each hole, for a total of 2,200 lb (1,000 kg) of Organosol. This amount allowed the material to migrate from hole to hole, ensuring total consolidation of the rock layer, Fabio told E&MJ.

In the second application, Strata used Organosol for water displacement. The company was contracted to stop a water flow from around a cased borehole at an underground coal mine in the midwestern U.S. Some 3,750 lb (1.7 mt) of Organosol was pumped into the void, filling any rock fractures and completely sealing the water flow into the mine.

Organosol 550 DT is available in 5-gallon (19-liter) containers or in barrels for large applications, and is injected using a portable, air-powered pump.