February 8, 2012
Prepare Your Mine for Proximity Detection

Release February 8, 2012

ATLANTA - Ahead of the pending Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) rule, Strata Worldwide is offering a “Proximity Ready” Cable and Mount Kit to prepare equipment for future HazardAvert™ system installations.

HazardAvert is a proximity detection and collision avoidance system designed to prevent accidents and injuries by detecting when a person or vehicle enters a ‘marked zone’ surrounding an operating piece of machinery.  It establishes a magnetic marker field—or zone—around machinery using a device called the generator and these zones can encompass the entire machine and its turning radius, or be specific to certain areas. Miner-worn Personal-Alarm Devices (PADs) detect and measure these magnetic marker fields to determine the proximity to the machine. If the person enters the warning and danger zones, their PAD will emit audible and visual alerts.

In order to prepare mines for the upcoming MSHA mandate, Strata is offering a “Proximity Ready” Cable and Mount Kit for new or rebuild mobile machinery.

Once equipped with the kit, the remaining HazardAvert system components can be easily installed at a later date, either when the mine is ready or when the mandate is passed. The final install can be completed above or below ground with minimal interruption to mining operations and productivity.

Additionally, the system can be installed onto any Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) machine including continuous miners, shuttle cars, scoops, haulers, feeder breakers and roof bolters.

“The ‘Proximity Ready’ kit allows mines to lay the groundwork for the proximity detection and collision avoidance system needed in the future,” states company chief operating officer, Mike Berube. “Instead of waiting until the impending MSHA mandate, mines can prepare equipment when it makes sense fiscally and operationally.”

For more information, please contact Mike Walling at (800) 691-6601 or (770) 321-2537. Email at mwalling@strata-safety.com

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