January 16, 2015
RigGuard™ Drill Rig Harmful Gas Detection

Strata Worldwide has teamed up with UK-based Trolex to develop a wireless, intrinsically safe harmful gas monitoring and early detection warning system for natural gas drilling rigs.

 “With a strong in-house engineering team driving product development, Strata has both the ability and the versatility to create specific solutions to meet customer and market demands across any industry,” Mike Berube, President and CEO of Strata Worldwide said. “Such is the case with Strata’s completely wireless, battery operated, harmful gas monitoring system RigGuard™.”

With the lethal risk of H2S, CH4 and CO during drilling operations, early detection and warning is critical to the safety of on-rig workers. RigGuard gas detectors are magnetically mounted directly onto rigs, and each unit monitors the concentrations of a specific gas. If concentrations exceed the specified limits, the units emit warning alarms by flashing tri-colored LED lights and sounding audible horns at 90dB. The color of the LED light indicates which gas has been detected.

RigGuard is not only an on-site warning system, but also an overall rig gas monitoring system. Data collected by the detectors is streamed to a central Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with a Graphic User Interface (GUI) over Strata’s proprietary wireless communications network. The PLC can be positioned on the rig or in the doghouse; from here, operators can monitor all areas of the rig simultaneously in real-time and receive immediate notice of any alarms. The PLC display itself is a flashing warning light and also includes a 90dB audible horn. In addition to gas readings, users can view the operating status of each individual sensor and its battery voltage.

One Central Control Center

Expanding even further, Strata’s technology enables the data displayed on the local PLC to be viewed in remote locations anywhere around the globe. Securely transmitted via Private Virtual Networks (PVN) over the Internet (via satellite, cellular or intranet), all site data – even from multiple sites – is collected and viewable in one central location. It can be displayed on any Internet-enabled device including computers, tablets and smartphones. This capability is ideal for operations with multiple drill rigs in vastly remote locations.

By integrating the RigGuard software with Google Maps, operators have the ability to zoom the display in and out to view everything from the exact locations of each individual rig sensor, to the overall map location of all rigs. Sensor icons on the display are labeled according to the respective monitored gas and are color-coordinated according to their operating status. As a design standard, sensors in normal operating mode appear green while those in alert mode appear red.

Full Turnkey Service & Support

Strata Worldwide provides RigGuard as a turnkey, full service product for gas drilling operations. Certified Strata technicians will be on-site to install and configure the system as well as provide training for all personnel. Technicians are also available on-site to complete routine inspections, maintenance and any potential system repairs.