January 15, 2012
Strata Worldwide Breaking Ground in Mine Site Automation and Tracking

Release January 2012

ATLANTA, Georgia - Strata Worldwide is very pleased to introduce a new MSHA-approved asset tracking technology to track and monitor mobile mining equipment.

Strata’s Asset Tracker is a wireless, battery-powered device that can be fitted onto any piece of mining equipment, including shuttle cars, scoops and supply cars. It utilizes the Strata CommTrac wireless communications and tracking system to transmit vehicle identification data and tracking information to the surface to be displayed and logged on a digital mine map. This data is automatically broadcast every 60 seconds and received by all CommTrac communication nodes within signal range. Tracking is accurate to within 50 feet mine-wide.

With the use of CommTrac’s user-friendly Graphical User Interface, mine operators can view and track machinery movements and activities in real time. Each vehicle’s travel time, vehicle-to-vehicle interaction time and downtime can be closely monitored and logged, enabling productivity metrics to be calculated.

 “To date, mines have very limited methods of measuring the productivity of their mines,” explains Vice President and General Manager of Electronic Safety Engineering Tom Michaud. “With asset tracking, mine operators can know where every piece of equipment is at all times and can use this data to optimize operations efficiency and maximize productivity.”

Mines already equipped with Strata CommTrac wireless communications and tracking require only the individual Asset Tracker devices installed onto equipment for immediate asset tracking abilities. There is no additional infrastructure required.

Wireless asset tracking is just one product in a new suite of offerings Strata is bringing to market in 2012. Additional technologies include mine-wide monitoring, wireless atmospheric monitoring, proximity safety data and revolutionary advancements in underground communications.  

Strata Worldwide is a global leader in the design and manufacture of emergency refuge chambers, innovative underground mining roof support systems and a provider of mine construction services to underground mining operations. State-of-the-art electronic safety product offerings include completely wireless tracking and communications, through-the-earth, post-emergency communications and proximity detection and collision avoidance. Company headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and a collection of engineering, service and sales support facilities and offices are located around the world to provide customers with local representation and support. Current locations include mining regions of the United States, Europe, Australia, South Africa, China and Mexico.


For more information, please contact Chris Adkins at 304-546-5946 or visit us at www.strataworldwide.com