August 12, 2013
Strata Worldwide Refits and Rebrands MMSS Refuge Shelters

Release August 12, 2013

ATLANTA - Strata Worldwide and Modern Mine Safety Systems (MMSS) are pleased to announce a new partnership agreement whereby MMSS will provide refit services to Strata for both Strata and MMSS refuge alternatives, as required by the US Mine Safety and Health Administration under the mandates of CFR 30 Part 7 regulations.

Also under the terms of the agreement, MMSS refuge alternatives will be rebranded to Strata Worldwide once the shelters have been refit with Strata’s Part 7-approved components. 

To date, Strata has received MSHA approvals for Breathable Air Components under the approval numbers 07-LCA120001-0, 07-LCA130003, 07-LCA130004, 07-LCA130005 and 07-LCA130006, as well as Harmful Gas Removal Components under approval numbers 07-LCA130002-0, 07-LCA130008, 07-LCA130009, 07-LCA130010 and 07-LCA130011. Additional approvals are pending.

On July 9, 2013, MSHA released a question-and-answer format document outlining the requirements for cooperative efforts between manufacturers of refuge alternatives, such as the specifics of the agreement between Strata and MMSS. The companies have already obtained the necessary approvals from the state of West Virginia for this effort and are seeking final approval from MSHA to move forward with the MMSS refits.

“The strength of Strata is in its personnel,” stated Shawn Sitterud of MMSS. “The company has built a solid reputation in the mining industry with people of character and integrity, and I am very pleased to be partnering with them. I expect that together we will move forward to strengthen the companies, the product lines and the valued end user.”

Strata’s Vice President and General Manager of Refuge Alternatives, David Maust agrees. “This agreement is a great opportunity for both companies to broaden the overall customer base and provide these customers the benefit of a local western service center through a well-established organization,” he stated.


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