September 28, 2011
Strata Worldwide successfully completes underground manned test with 100 miners

Release September 28, 2011

ATLANTA – Strata Worldwide is pleased to announce the successful completion of another manned test of one of its underground refuge alternatives at an active coal mine in China.

In mid-August, 100 miners went underground into a pre-constructed Strata Safe Room, 6,100 meters (3.8 miles) from the entrance of a China Coal mine in the Shanxi Province near Shuozhou. They were enclosed in the explosion-proof shelter for 48 hours, utilizing Strata’s emergency life support systems.

The safe room, built 323m (1060 feet) below the surface, included a back-up borehole from the surface that could supply compressed air, liquid food, water, video equipment and power to the occupants for an indefinite period of time.

Strata’s proprietary air-powered life support breathing air systems performed exactly as designed to keep air quality at safe levels and three newly developed designs for powerless cooling systems were tested independently to regulate internal temperatures.

“As with our 96-hour fully manned chamber test performed earlier this year, this most recent live testing has provided an excellent opportunity to gather firsthand data,” said John Reinmann, Strata Worldwide Vice President of Engineering. “These tests not only prove the effectiveness and reliability of our systems, but also provide valuable information for Strata to continue enhancing its line of refuge alternatives.”

All 100 participants, including the mine manager, exited the safe room after two days in good, stable health.

Strata Safe Rooms are pre-constructed underground refuge rooms designed to provide post-emergency protection, breathable air and life sustaining supplies to miners trapped underground. Strata Safe Rooms can include multiple airlock entrance compartments equipped with purge air, air curtains and passive carbon dioxide scrubbing systems.

Strata Products Worldwide, LLC is a global leader in the design and manufacture of emergency refuge chambers, innovative underground mining roof support systems and a provider of mine construction services to underground mining operations. State-of-the-art electronic safety product offerings include completely wireless tracking and communications, through-the-earth, post-emergency communications and proximity detection and collision avoidance. Company headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and a collection of engineering, service and sales support facilities and offices are located around the world to provide customers with local representation and support. Current locations include mining regions of the United States, Europe, Australia, South Africa, China and Mexico.


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