Hydrocell Pre-Stressing Plate

Hydrocell Pre-Stressing plate is a welded, expandable sheet metal plate used for pre-loading support props and chocks. Hydrocells fill with water from a hose or pump and expand to apply load to the roof. Hydrocells are capable of supporting up to 9 tonnes of installed load.
Hyrdocell Pre-Stressing Plate
Hydrocell Pre-Stressing Plate with Propsetter
Hydrocell Pre-Stressing Plate with Roof Support
Additional Features

Hydrocells are available in different sizes. The load produced is directly related to the size of the plate. Additional features include:

  • Pressure required to open inlet valve for inflation is 2 bar
  • Relief valve releases at 20 bar
  • Normal expansion is between 25-76mm